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Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the process of shaping the thighs using the patient's own fat. Excess fat tissue is removed using the VaserLiposuction technique (liposuction) from the waist, from the abdomen and from the lower part of the buttocks, and injected into the buttocks. Thus, a thin waist is ensured, and the hip looks more formed and more voluminous. The Brazilian Butt Lift helps the body look like an hourglass.

BBL Candidates

Is butt lift surgery right for me?Brazilian butt aesthetics are suitable for flat and small hips. Butt lift surgery is suitable for both men and women. In Brazilian butt lift surgery, the implant, i. prosthesis (silicone), not used. Using the patient's own fat, a buttock volume procedure is performed by fat injection. For this reason, it is important that patients who wish to use the Brazilian technique have sufficient body fat. At the same time, those who want to do a buttock lift should have sufficient elastic skin, and that there is no strong sagging.

    Who can be a good candidate for this operation ?
  • If you are physically healthy
  • If you are not a smoker
  • If you are within %30 of your ideal weight
  • If you have in mind specific goals for body contouring

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The main goal of BBL operation is to eliminate fat deposits that don’t go away with exercise or diet and transfer this unwanted fat to your hips and buttocks to enhance the butt area. BBL operation is performed under general anesthesia and it takes approximately 3 hours.

Why should I do Brazilian butt aesthetics?

The shape and size of a person's hips usually depend on genetics. And the structure of your body, or the accumulation of fat in your body, affects the appearance of the lower body, the thigh area. A proper, healthy diet can be enough to get a healthy physique, toned muscles, and a voluminous butt. But many people may not have time for sports and diet. People who do not exercise and do not pay attention to their diet complain of flat hips. You do not need to exercise and diet to get a fuller and rounder buttocks. Aesthetics with Brazilian technique allows you to achieve the dream of a round Latin thigh. After this operation, as a bonus, you will be able to get rid of excess belly fat!

Treatment Details

Duration of the operation & Anesthesia?

3 Hours / General Anesthesia

How many nights in the hospital?

1 night

How many nights in Istanbul?

6 nights

Post-Operation Care

After 5 days daily activities can be done easily, recommended not to sit for 3 weeks after operation, post operative corset for 6 weeks, physical activities & gym after 6 weeks.

Consultation for BBL in Turkey

A preliminary consultation will be done from your pictures and medical background. Then upon request we can organize an online consultation for you before you arrive. Once you are here you will have your consultation with the doctor. During your consultation you can get answers to all your questions. We are never in a hurry and listen to all your questions and doubts.

    In the liposuction consultation you should discuss:
  • What result should be achieved ?
  • If you have any medical condition, drug allergies and medical treatments.
  • If you use any medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
  • The surgeries you had in the past.

    Your surgeon may also:
  • Evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors.
  • Examine your skin quality.
  • Take your photographs.
  • Discuss what options you have.
  • Recommend a course of treatment.
  • Discuss likely outcomes of liposuction and any risks or potential complications.
  • Discuss the use of anesthesia during the operation.

Getting ready for the operation

One month before the operation we will ask you to Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding. Further information regarding the medication usage will be given you by your health consultant. Since after the operation we will ask you not to carry heavy loads we will ask you not to travel with a heavy luggage. We recommend you to bring comfortable clothes.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Operation

Brazilian butt lift surgery consists of three main steps.First, fat is taken from the abdomen, waist, legs, or back of the patient. The VaserLiposuction method draws fat from the body itself and separates it to obtain pure fat. Fat tissues ready for transfer are injected at the points determined by the specialist doctor. Some of the fat injected into the thigh may melt at the initial stage. If necessary after a few weeks, the fat will be reintroduced after the procedure and the fat will remain constant. The operation takes place under general anesthesia, pain is not felt during the operation.

BBL Aftercare

BBL Aftercare

After the operation, the patient is transported from the operating room to the room wearing a special forming corset. This corset helps to control swelling and compress the skin to your new body contours. It is recommended to wear it for 6 weeks after surgery. Additionally you might have small drains that will be removed 1-2 days after the surgery which help to remove any blood or fluids. Minimal pain is felt after surgery, and patients may feel more comfortable with pain medication. It is not recommended to sit straight on your hips and not lie on your back for an average of 3 weeks after buttock lift surgery.


BBL; Brazilian Butt Lift is a body reshaping procedure. Excess fat is removed from 360 degrees around the abdomen area, then it is transferred to the buttocks ,resulted with a smaller waist, flat stomach, and fuller hips overall to create an hourglass look.

No, our goal is not to create a very big butt but to make the butt rounder and fuller and make it look properly fit with the rest of the body and to create better curves.

As long as it is performed by a certified plastic surgeon, a BBL surgery cannot be considered as more or less risky than any other procedures.

One of the main reasons of this surgery’s popularity is the hip dips can be filled with fat transfer. Although results vary person to person, it is possible to fill your dips with this procedure. Your doctor will inform you about this topic during your consultation.

Vitamins, supplements, herbal medicines should be avoided a month before your surgery. Birth control pills should also be avoided. Apart from these we advise alcohol and herbal tea consumption should stop a month before your surgery.

For the next 3 weeks you should avoid sitting and resting on your back after a BBL surgery however you can go back to your old routine after these 3 weeks.

We do not recommend exercising in the first 6 weeks. After that we recommend our patients not to do any heavy and fat burning exercises. Pilates and swimming are the most advisable workout types.

We advise you to maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight gain or loss may affect the results of the surgery therefore we do recommend changing your eating habits. In any case your doctor will advise you on this topic.

After a few days of your surgery, you will feel good enough to go out and socialize. Therefore, you can do activities that you don’t have to sit. We recommend that you avoid sitting for the first 3 weeks.

You can start working remotely after a few days of your surgery. You feel good enough to return to your office job after a week/10 day. But we do recommend resting up to 4 weeks if your job requires physical labor.

BBL is not a painful procedure although there may be some discomfort following the procedure often described as muscular soreness by our patients however it will subside within a few days.

Process in Istanbul

Arrival in Istanbul

If you have choosen our full package, we'll greet you at the airport by our VIP service and check you in into your hotel.

Consultation & Pre-examination

We'll pick you up from your hotel and take you to Dr. Emrah Aslan's clinic at Akasya Tower for consultation then we'll take you to the ACIABDEM HOSPITAL.

To prepare for the surgery, blood tests, X-rays, and EKG measurements will be performed at the hospital as needed. This is followed by a consultation with the anesthesiologist.

We'll take you back to your hotel afterwards

Surgery Day

We'll check you out from your hotel and take you to the ACIABDEM HOSPITAL for your surgery.

You'll stay at the hospital for 1 night.

Controls & Discharge

Upon Dr. Emrah Aslan's controls and his approval you'll be discharged from the hospital.

After discharge our transfer service will take you back to your hotel and check you in. Then you'll rest in your hotel.

Rest & Recovery

You'll rest in your hotel.

Rest & Recovery

You'll rest in your hotel.

Final Control & Returning Home

You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to Dr. Emrah Aslan's clinic at Akasya Tower for a final examination. Dr. Emrah Aslan will conduct a detailed examination and change bandages if necessary.

Our VIP transfer service will take you to the airport for your departure flight scheduled for after 2 pm.

Pricing & Packaging information of BBL

Basic Plan
  • BBL Operation
  • 360 Vaser Lipo
  • VIP Transfer
  • Hotel Accomodation
  • Europe: 4200 €
  • UK: 3750£
  • USA: 4700$
Premium Plan
  • BBL Operation
  • 360 Vaser Lipo
  • VIP Transfer
  • Hotel Accomodation
  • Europe: 5200 €
  • UK: 4600 £
  • USA: 5850 $

    Things you must know:

  • In case if incoming patient’s blood results will not be ok test fee is 5500 TL
  • An extra night at hospital is 300 Euro.
  • Sometimes, in the case of breast reduction surgery or during other surgeries, a piece of tissue is taken and sent to the laboratory for pathological examination. In that case extra fee is 100 euro.
  • All prices given above includes medications that we are giving at discharge from hospital.
  • BBL surgery price includes BBL pillow and corset.
  • Liposuction surgery extra area is 650 euros not included in price. Post operative corset is included in the price.

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